Working together

Long term & strategic partner.

We create a positive, measurable impact on your business. Our consultancy model will support you for longer. Our design and development experts take you from strategy to launch at the speed of a startup.

Flexible & collaborative.

We leverage the expertise and knowledge of your business. Working with us feels collaborative – we work how you want to work. We listen intently, share ideas and communicate effectively.


We put your customers at the heart of the design process. We learn from user behaviours and use data analytics to understand patterns to create products with maximum impact.

Lean, fast & iterative.

Think big, start small, learn fast. We develop with rigour and design with just enough insight so that you can go to market quickly and with confidence.

“The best part about working with Pattrn is getting access to the leadership throughout the project. Their collaborative, hands-on, no ego attitude made them feel like partners in our business. They quickly understood our ambitions and our user needs. Their valuable strategic support enabled them to set the vision for our platform and deliver a class-leading user experience in a short amount of time.”

A profile picture of Paddy Griffith who is smiling and wearing a smart pink shirt.
Paddy Griffith  –  Chief Marketing Officer, Wondr Medical

What we do

Digital Transformation

Work together to prepare for change.

We prepare you for change and digital transformation. We bring and impart the experience, processes, tools and frameworks you’ll need to continue the work.

  • Programme management
  • Digital readiness assessment
  • Service design and mapping
  • Developing in-house cx capabilities
  • Investor and stakeholder pitch decks
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Customer Experience Strategy

Discover value for your customers and your business.

Strategy is only useful when you act on it. We work with you to build a measurable, viable and feasible plan that aligns your teams on what’s best for your business and your customers.

  • Product management & strategy
  • Objectives and KPI frameworks
  • Ethnographic research
  • Stakeholder alignment
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Experience and service definition
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Value Proposition Design

Demonstrate your vision and test value with customers.

Let’s identify the real problem first – the undeniable issues your customers face. The ones that have an impact on your business and beat the benchmark. We design, test and iterate to quickly define a valuable proposition you can bring to market.

  • Landscape audit and benchmarking
  • Data analytics
  • Ethnographic research
  • Insights synthesis and opportunity analysis
  • Vision definition & rapid prototyping
  • Value proposition testing
  • No-code prototyping
Illustration of a black and white woman holding up iPads with a heart on the screen.

Digital Product Design

Craft and deliver outstanding digital experiences based on customer insight.

Customer’s expectation for how they interact with brands have never been higher. We help you express your brand and delight customers consistently across all of your brand touchpoints. With customers front of mind, we sweat the details to translate the vision into execution.

  • UX, UI & experience design
  • Quantitative usability testing
  • Design system definition & development
  • New brand identity & style guides
  • Icons, typography, illustrations & art direction
  • Tone of voice guidelines & UX copywriting
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Software development & DevOps

Develop robust digital experiences on scalable platforms for growth.

Our engineers, analysts and designers work together as one to ensure the seamless delivery of quality user experiences. We release incrementally and adapt to how a user experience is performing. Our architects work with you to build a future-proof technology infrastructure.

  • Full stack frontend & backend development
  • Solutions architecture design
  • API design & implementation
  • Web applications & native applications: iOS & Android
  • Business analyst & requirements definition
  • DevOps, agile delivery and quality assurance testing
  • Information security & vulnerability checking
  • Post release maintenance & support
  • New tech: Big data, blockchain, bots & AI
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