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6 Months

Designing the world’s definitive medical community platform.

A collection of desktop and mobile screen shots for the new digital product design for Wondr Medical.
Total redesign of the medical platform aligned with the ambitious vision for the service.


Wondr Medical wants to build the world’s largest community of global healthcare professionals. Our biggest design challenge was to shift the paradigm from a video catalogue website to an automated, highly personalised networking and knowledge sharing platform.


Extending the new brand we created a delightful user experience. Our modular design system has enabled the business to quickly and easily scale their offering. We designed a medical community platform where users could easily grow their network and engage with the world's leading medical content, thought leaders, events and brands.

  • Strategic business objectives and KPIs
  • Rapid prototype to explore future experience and value proposition
  • Defined valuable features for a community of medical professionals
  • A platform for commercial partners to reach and engage their target audience
  • Responsive UI library and toolkit to scale the product with ease

“The best part about working with Pattrn is getting access to the leadership throughout the project. Their collaborative, hands-on, no ego attitude made them feel like partners in our business. They quickly understood our ambitions and our user needs. Their valuable strategic support enabled them to set the vision for our platform and deliver a class leading user experience in a short amount of time.”

A profile picture of Paddy Griffith who is smiling and wearing a smart pink shirt.
Paddy Griffith – Chief Marketing Officer, Wondr Medical


Adopted a lean strategy and defined a strict MVP with clear KPIs.

We started by defining a clear set of business goals and how they align to the user's needs. We mapped out the user journeys and outlined the ‘minimum loveable experience’. We broke up the experience into epics and delivered the designs in sprints.

Designed the platform to be mobile first execution as most users were on mobile.

The platform needed to work seamlessly for any device, but it needed to work exceptionally well for mobile as it accounted for 70% of users. The focus on mobile made it much easier to scale up to larger breakpoints. In order to make the platform easy to use we adopted the most commonly used interaction patterns for each device breakpoint.

Collaborated closely with the client’s product development team and their partners.

The fast moving pace of the project meant that you had to get onboard, fast. It was important from day one that we understood each other and communicated effectively. We relied heavily on the businesses expertise and understanding of the users. We were open with the work we were doing and shared and reviewed often.

Made the most of our time by being lean in the product and design documentation.

We set up digital tools to help us all align quickly on the product vision. We adopted smart, collaborative tools like Miro and Trello to keep everyone aligned. We worked lean by documenting only when necessary.

Collection of customer experience strategy slides showing user needs, business goals and the vision for the business.
Lean digital strategy enabled us to deliver value for the user and the business.
An experience map for the Wondr Medical platform showing how the user experience connects together.
We mapped the entire user experience to figure out the most efficient user journeys across the platform.
A screen shot of the wireframe prototype demonstrating an early version of the digital product design.
Early prototypes gave us a quick vision of the future, gain buy-in from investors and validate the proposition.


Desktop and mobile screen shots showcasing the feed feature on the Wondr Medical platform.
Personalised feed serves relevant content to the user and drives engagement.

A personalised feed to engage and retain users.

A primary goal was the retention of users. We designed a feed so that users could have the relevant conversations, news and education in one place.

Two screenshots of a mobile and desktop showcasing the features that allow the user to explore more content.
Timely prompts encourage users to explore new content and connect with like-minded peers.

Constant discovery was encouraged across the platform.

Wondr wanted to keep the users on the platform for longer. We designed smart continuation points when the user would reach the end of a journey so that they could continually discover content.

Screen shots showcasing the navigation design on desktop and mobile for the Wondr Medical community platform.
Navigation seamlessly adapts to each breakpoint to allow the user to focus on the task at hand.

A navigation system for scale and personalisation.

Wondr were wanted a personalised experience for their users and platform they could easily scale. We designed a side navigation to cater for additional areas on the site and to save users personal preferences.

Mobile screen shots of the profile builder features designed for the Wondr Medical user expereince.
User can build their profiles to grow their influence on the platform.

Profile builder enabled medical professionals to grow their influence.

A key component to growing the network was for users to be able to build their profiles and grow their influence amongst their peers. We made it easy for users to input their information and to connect with their peers.

A desktop screenshot of the digital product design for how publishers can distribute content.
Publishers have a platform to engage their target audiences with content and digital events.

Smart forum for publishers and brands to debate their ideas.

The heart and soul of the networking platform was the user generated and publisher generated content. We designed a versatile system that could adapt to a wide variety of content types posted by users.

Montage of the user interface modules used in the design for the medical networking and education platform.
Modular system makes it easy to scale the platform and efficient to build.

Modular design system and collaborative UI library.

It was important for Wondr to be able to pick up the work that we started when we finished the project. We designed an intuitive UI library and guidelines so that the business could continue to grow and adapt their offering.



  • Landscape audit and benchmarking
  • Data analytics
  • Objectives and KPI frameworks
  • Technical feasibility study
  • Insights synthesis and opportunity analysis
  • Vision definition & rapid prototyping
  • Extending existing brand systems
  • UX, UI and experience design
  • UI library setup and management
  • Investor and stakeholder pitch decks
  • Icon design
  • Design quality assurance
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