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8 Weeks

Re-engineering a self-service exhibitor portal for seamless onboarding.

A montage of screenshots of the website's dashboard created to make the onboarding process more intuitive and effective.
We partnered with Informa Markets to create a solution to make the onboarding process more intuitive and effective.


Informa Markets operates across the globe hosting world-class exhibitions in multiple sectors. A common problem for their customers and exhibitors is that setting up for an exhibition is a manual and complex process. Our challenge was to rapidly update an existing product in order to make the onboarding process more intuitive and effective.


The Customer Centre is a first of its kind for the industry as an invaluable tool for exhibitors to seamlessly onboard onto their events. As well as improving user flows, avoiding repetitive tasks and removing friction, we delivered a complete refresh of the design system that can be used to easily scale the platform in the future. The platform also creates opportunities for Informa Markets to cross and upsell additional services and products.

  • Refined UX designed around core flows and customer jobs.
  • A suite of modules and features that support key tasks with reduced friction.
  • A scalable platform that Informa Markets can flex across portfolios and upsell new services and events.
  • Refreshed and scalable design system and look and feel.

“Pattrn were able to quickly onboard into our product, understand our customer and business requirements and work flexibly to really enhance our customer experience. They deliver systematic, crafted, world-class design and are exactly what we needed in a design partnership.”

A profile image of Louis Engelbrecht, the VP of Business Platforms at Informa Markets
Louis Engelbrecht - VP Business Platforms at Informa Markets


A group of men gathered around an Asian man who is interacting with a screen at a stand. There are large crowds behind them.
We quickly leveraged existing insights and knowledge.

Quickly leveraging existing research and UX best practice.

Due to the time constraints we had to move quickly to support the release development roadmap. We leveraged existing insights and knowledge in order to create a foundational understanding of user needs and behaviours.

A diagram with arrows and text inside coloured rectangle boxes showing the whole customer journey.
The entire customer journey was mapped out.

Holistic approach considering the whole customer journey

Before starting we mapped the entire system. The map helped us to refine the information architecture, define an intuitive navigation and create seamless journeys across the platform.

Three screenshots of the mobile version of the platform to show that the user experience is seamless across all breakpoints.
Mobile first principles were used to ensure the user has a seamless experience across all breakpoints.

Mobile first, user first

We designed the platform using mobile first principles in order to make the user experience seamless across all breakpoints. We put the user at the heart of each design decision.

The atomic design system is divided into three sections showing typography, colour palette and buttons used in the platform.
We defined the Informa Markets Customer Centre design system.

Extended new brand guidelines into an atomic design system

We started to apply the new brand guidelines to the core user journey to define the Informa Markets design system. We made sure that the entire experience was both easy-to-use and on-brand.

A screenshot of the platform being created on Webflow.
WebFlow was used to quickly and easily prototype, explore and validate the designs.

Used no-code sitebuilder, WebFlow, to prototype, explore and validate our designs

To decrease the feasibility feedback loop and increase the fidelity of our designs as quickly as possible, we used WebFlow to explore how we could push our designs.


A screenshot of the desktop version of the dashboard showing an exhibitors priority tasks.
The dashboard of the platform showing the user’s setup progress and next steps.

The dashboard gave the user a snapshot of the priority tasks and notifications

Our designs gave the user a broad understanding of their setup progress and a detailed list of what they need to do next.

A screenshot of the helpful notes to aid new users with the set up process.
Helpful notes were created to aid the users - especially new users.

Helpful notes to explain the process

A lot of the users were new to the setup process. We designed first time use notes to help the user understand the system and the process. They could initiate helpful notes across the platform using tooltips.

A montage of 4 promotion systems for the business to cross sell products and services.
The promotions system allows Informa to cross sell products and services.

Promotions system for the business to cross sell products and services

Informa needed to sell relevant products and services to their clients. The promotion system gave their team the tools they needed to promote at different moments across the user journey.



  • Landscape audit and benchmarking
  • Vision definition & rapid prototyping
  • No-code prototyping
  • UX, UI & experience design
  • Design system definition & development
  • Icons, typography, illustrations & art direction


We designed and delivered a design system and the core user journey in four sprints / eight weeks.

The platform was successfully launched globally and is undergoing testing.

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