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4 Weeks

Refreshing the tone of voice & design system to compliment an ethical and vibrant brand.

A close up shot of a colourful couch with the new Ian snow logo in white overlain on top.
Refreshed brand to match the character and boldness of its remarkable products.


For over 40 years Ian Snow has been an ethical and sustainable homewares brand. Daisy Snow, the director of Ian Snow has recently taken over the business. Our challenge was to help build a new, clearer identity that reflects this shift – balancing the brand’s heritage with the vision of its new, young leaders.


The end result was a bold, colourful brand that aligned both visually and in tone for where the business wanted to be. Collaborating with writing agency Reed Words, we delivered a fresh new visual and verbal identity. We created a brand toolkit which the business could pick up and apply themselves along with guidelines to share the knowledge within their team and with external suppliers.

  • New tone of voice and brand guidelines to extend the brand
  • Refreshed logo with scalable formats
  • Icons, typography, illustrations and art direction
  • New brand systems to scale across marketing touch points

“We’re excited to drive the brand forward with such a strong verbal and visual identity. It’s the perfect platform for our next stage of growth.”

Profile portraits of Daisy and India Snow who run the Ian Snow business.
Daisy and India Snow – Directors, Ian Snow


We worked closely with the business to understand their brand, business and customers.

This deep understanding of the business enabled us to craft a brand that aligned with their ambition for the business and the new target audiences they wanted to reach.

Conducted a competitor and landscape audit.

Understanding the landscape inside and outside of the industry gave us an insight as to where we can best position the brand. We unpacked the attributes of the landscape and competitors' brands both verbal and visual that resonated with them. We unpacked the verbal and visual attributes of the competitor brands in order to find the right positioning for Ian Snow.

Close collaboration with the business owners.

We worked closely with the founders to explore brand values and attributes. The short feedback loop meant that we could move quickly without any surprises and make the most of our time.

A man sorting post-its on a glass walled meeting room for the Ian Snow brand kickoff workshop.
Kickoff workshop to understand the business, customers, brand and thier vision.


A split screen showing the simplification of the new tone of voice design.
The updated tone of voice breathed new life into how the brand engaged with their customers.

Bold new tone of voice to match the brands remarkable character.

Working together with the writing agency Reed Words we teased out and refined the brand story to create a bolder positioning – from a new tagline to a clearer tone of voice.

A montage of the slides from a visual and tone of voice brand guidelines document.
Visual and verbal brand guidelines to extend the brand.

Brand tools and guidelines for the business to extend the brand.

We defined an entirely new graphic language with guidelines on how to use them. We empowered the business to extend the brand by giving them the tools to continue to explore and execute the brand on their own terms.

Refreshed logo and strapline to modernise the brand.

Refreshed logo with a range of formats.

We redesigned the logo to be more legible and feel more modern by aligning more closely to the new typeface without losing its unique character.

A colourful montage of brush strokes used as a brand pattern.
Expressive brand patterns to support the businesses creative nature.

Graphic system to compliment their marketing collateral.

We created a set of brand patterns made of colourful brush strokes. This system made it easy for the team to create bold statements.

A coral coloured background with beautifully drawn pictograms of sustainable policies for Ian Snow.
Pictograms to express the brands commitment to sustainability.

Set of illustrations to express their ethical values.

We created a set of illustrations that captured the handcrafted feeling of much of their product line and their warm, human and ethical brand.

Split screen of two contrasting product images, one cluttered, the other minimal and clear.
Simpler, more colour art direction for the product photography.

Image direction to compliment their bold range of products.

We set a new direction for their product photography that celebrated the remarkable product range. The flat colour background and minimal decorations helped to bring context and character to the shots whilst not distracting from the product.



  • Landscape audit and benchmarking
  • Designing new brand systems
  • Extending existing brand systems
  • Tone of voice development and guidelines
  • Icons, typography, illustrations and art direction
  • Brand experience guidelines and tools
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