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4 Weeks

Improving the sign-up flow with rapid design sprints.

We identified opportunity areas and tested solutions to reduce drop-off in the sign-up flow.


Gousto is dealing with a rapidly expanding customer base. However, they identified issues with their sign-up flow for new customers that were having an effect on conversion.

Our challenge was to help Gousto discover the reasons for drop-off, then rapidly prototype, test and identify effective solutions.


We identified 12 opportunity areas through user interviews, prioritised two and validated that our solutions would reduce drop-off using rapid prototyping and evaluative user testing.

  • Developed a backlog of opportunity areas through landscape analysis and user interviews.
  • Understood how goals differed between new and existing users in the menu experience.
  • Tested and validated two opportunities with multiple solutions through rapid prototyping.
  • Delivered prototypes and a plan to help Gousto test solutions at scale on the live product.

“Pattrn were able to pick up our previous learnings and start to contribute to the project at an astonishing pace. They demonstrated how much we could learn in a short amount of time with outstanding research, creative problem solving and prototyping - it has set a high standard for rapid innovation across the Gousto product team. The cultural fit also meant they felt like a natural extension of our product team.”

A profile image of Dominic Sando, the Head of Product for Menu at Gousto.
Dominic Sando - Head of Product, Gousto


A grid showing images of three men and five women who participated in user interviews.
Interviews were carried out with prospective users to gain insights.

Gathered valuable insights through landscape analysis, user interviews and affinity mapping.

Building on a foundation of Gousto’s research, we knew that conducting user interviews on the entire sign-up process would give us a more holistic view of the problem space.

Interviews with prospective users gave us insight into the reality of considering and signing up to Gousto. We used affinity mapping to identify 12 opportunities that spanned the sign-up journey.

A person sketching wireframes into a notebook and screenshots of three mobile screens on top of a purple background.
Ideations were sketched and prototyped in collaboration with the Gousto team.

Ideated and sketched competing solutions.

From the 12 opportunity areas we prioritised two for detailed exploration, then ideated with the Gousto team to generate solutions.

This allowed us to combine our expertise with their wealth of experience to generate ideas and sketches that could improve sign-up rates.

We prioritised these ideas, leaving us with a short list that we would bring into prototyping and user testing.

Two screenshots of a mobile screen usability tests with two participants overlayed over the top.
The prototypes were put through evaluative testing with potential users.

Created prototypes and conducted evaluative testing with prospective users.

We designed a set of competing prototypes using the prioritised ideas, wrote test scripts and recruited prospective users to conduct evaluative testing.

By testing new ideas against the existing sign-up flow, we were able to gain confidence that our ideas could positively influence the sign-up rate.

This gave Gousto validation to move them into live testing and release.

Two men seated at a desk in front of a laptop and desktop collaborating with the Gousto design team.
Daily collaborations with the Gousto team led to the development of effective solutions.

Collaborated daily with the Gousto design team.

We formed a small team with Gousto, enabling constant communication and collaboration between designers and product managers.

We became embedded in their innovation stream and product team, resulting in seamless collaboration and effective solutions.

Weekly work sessions with strategic stakeholders confirmed our direction of travel at each milestone.

We also provided weekly written updates that served to keep the team aligned and focused on quick learning.

“Collaborating with Pattrn is always a pleasure and it always feels as if they are part of our existing team. We got vital work done in a small time-frame, something that wouldn’t have been possible without their expertise, direction and support. We were also able to learn from them, introduce new ways of working and tools into our day to day.”

A profile image of Tereza Šustrová, the Senior Product Designer for
Tereza Šustrová - Senior Product Designer, Gousto


Two screenshots of the app on either side respectively labelled A and B with annotations around it.
Feedback from testing revealed improvements to the strategic design and language were needed.

Strategic design and language improvements to pricing and basket preview.

Research and testing revealed that drop-off rates were partially caused by user confusion and frustration around previewing the basket and pricing.

To solve these problems, we simplified the basket preview and designed effective methods of surfacing pricing information through language and interface changes.

User testing validated that these solutions solved user problems and would be effective at improving sign-up rates.

A montage of 5 prototypes. These additional prototypes were created to A/B test language and interface options.
Further prototypes and test scripts were created for A/B testing to refine our solutions.

A/B tests to make further language and interface design decisions.

After completing our final user tests, Gousto wanted to see how the solutions fared at scale on the live menu experience before moving them into final production.

We created additional prototypes and wrote test scripts so Gousto could further A/B test language and interface options.

Pastel coloured post-it notes containing text which show documentation and clear next steps for Gousto.
Figma and Notion were used to effectively document the whole process and next steps for Gousto.

Lean documentation and clear next steps for Gousto.

We knew that Gousto would be continuing the work. We opted for a lean approach using Figma and Notion which meant less time spent creating decks and more time creating effective solutions.

The documentation now acts as an insight library, enabling further work on improving the sign-up flow, and means new Gousto team members can be brought on board quickly.



  • Product management and strategy
  • Programme management
  • Insights synthesis and opportunity analysis
  • Vision definition & rapid prototyping
  • UX, UI & experience design
  • Landscape audit and benchmarking


Identified 12 opportunity areas that could reduce the drop-off rate.

Generated 60+ innovative problem solving solutions.

Created, tested and validated four production-ready design changes.

Proposed four key actionable areas for design change that could be live A/B tested.

Set a benchmark for four week rapid product discovery.

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