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Meal Kit Delivery


4 Months

Innovating the menu experience for Gousto’s growth strategy.

A montage of screenshots for the mobile design solutions for the Gousto’s menu experience design.
We explored what meaningful choice means to customers.


Gousto is racing to be the category king of meal kit recipe boxes. Their advantage is their scale and their ability to offer more meaningful choice to their customers. Our challenge was to help Gousto explore a future menu experience and identify potential problems or changes in user behaviour if there was significantly more recipes available to customers each week.


We unlocked a much deeper understanding of what ‘meaningful choice’ means to customers and identified the most important problems to solve to deliver the most value. Our results from prototype testing gave the business a clear direction in their product and discovery strategy along with a new set of rapid prototyping tools they could use to continue exploring and testing solutions.

  • Attained a much deeper understanding of the customers behaviour around choice.
  • Understood how customer behaviour may change in a future menu experience.
  • Tested and validated solutions using coded prototypes connected to real data.
  • Created a suite of easy-to-use prototyping tools for continuous exploration.
  • Gathered behavioural analytics insights using a simulating version of the menu.
  • Embedded effective discovery process techniques within the client product teams.

“We’ve loved working with Pattrn because of the way they’ve committed to our long term success. The team has been working hand in hand with our own product teams. They’ve worked with our people to further develop our capabilities through in-depth Jobs to Be Done survey, establishing documentation and sharing best practises, and developing tools together. Their impact goes much beyond the project we tasked them with.”

Profile image of Thibaut Pugin, VP Digital Product Design at Gousto. He is a professional middle aged man with long hair and a blue jersey.
Thibaut Pugin - VP Digital Product, Gousto


Photograph of three design professionals, two men and one woman looking at a whiteboard full of design artefacts.
We leveraged the expertise of Gousto’s research teams to fill our knowledge gap.

Defined a product and research strategy for continual discovery and development.

Working closely with the discovery and insights teams within Gousto we defined a clear research plan. With clear purpose and perspective we followed and updated a live backlog of research to be conducted. We shared our discovery frameworks to enhance and compliment Gousto’s discovery function.

Screenshot of Framer, the prototyping tool. It shows a visual of individual taste profile screens that are linked to the homescreen.
We created reusable prototype’s connected to real data to simulate future scenarios.

Simulated the existing menu experience using real data to gather behavioural data at scale.

In order to understand how users’ behaviours would change when presented with more choice we emulated and tracked a scaled version of the existing experience using hundreds of recipes instead of 50. We conducted the test at a large scale in order to improve the tests accuracy, in the end we reached over 3000 customers.

Photograph of a woman wearing a black shirt pointing at the mobile app design for the recipe ordering service Gousto.
Generative interviews with customers identified their mental models and pain points.

Conducted generative customer interviews to understand user behaviour.

We assumed from the outset that any problems or frustrations that users had with the current menu would be significantly amplified once Gousto scaled their menu. Speaking with customers gave us a clear understanding of their mental models and frustrations. Clear patterns emerged and we documented the findings as jobs-to-be-done, opportunity areas and problem statements.

Montage of some user experience design maps including a user flow and jobs-to-be-done mapping.
Jobs-to-be-done framework enabled us to focus our solutions on customer value.

Prioritised the jobs-to-be-done by surveying over 3000 customers.

It was imperative to learn how important our menu experience insights were. The objective of the survey was to rank how important the customer’s jobs are and how satisfied or dissatisfied they were. This evidence highlighted the valuable opportunity areas.


Montage of the various design components used to conduct the user testing for Gousto's future menu experience.
Generating lots of ideas from lots of viewpoints was key in finding the best solution.

Defined opportunity areas, hypotheses and competing solutions to address priority problem statements.

Working closely with the Gousto team we generated multiple assumptions on how we would solve the priority problems. This multidisciplinary mix of viewpoints accelerated the iteration of ideas which resulted in a subset of high quality solutions. We challenged ourselves to find competing solutions in order to test the boundaries of the hypotheses.

Split screen of the remote user testing tool UserZoom. It shows the administration tool on the left and the video feedback on the right.
Our prototypes used a mixture of code and design components to test quickly and accurately.

Tested prototypes to better understand our hypothesis and inform a roadmap of opportunities.

For the most accurate results, we brought prioritised solutions to life using real data and coded prototypes to help users trust the usability and viability of each solution. The tests helped us know which ideas could be brought into production and to learn more about the users’ mental models.

Split screen of the remote user testing tool UserZoom. It shows the administration tool on the left and the video feedback on the right.
Throughout the project we leveraged Gousto’s expertise from product, insight, data and food strategy.

Collaborated closely with Gousto’s product team to formulate the future product discovery and development strategy.

The outcome of the project gave the business a much better understanding of customer behaviour around recipe choice. We worked hand in hand with the Gousto team to communicate our findings in a way that resonated with key stakeholders which in turn provided their teams with a clear direction for the roadmap ahead.



  • Ethnographic research
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Experience and service definition
  • Landscape audit and benchmarking
  • Data analytics
  • Insights synthesis and opportunity analysis
  • Vision definition & rapid prototyping
  • UX, UI & experience design
  • Coded data-driven prototyping
  • Programme management
  • Stakeholder management & communication
  • Product management & strategy


Engaged with 6,000 customers in our research.


Proposed 138 solutions to solve the problems.


Unlocked a clear understanding of customer behaviour.


Provided confidence to inform  product strategy decisions.


Installed rapid prototyping capabilities connected to real data.


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