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3 Months

Inspiring the next generation of kids through smart, meaningful and engaging games.

Two children interacting with an app in a user testing session with a man who is a design professional.
Early user testing helped us to define a playful and educational game.


Pattrn saw an opportunity to create something outstanding from the education apps currently available on the App Store. Our challenge was to build a trusted early learning platform – aligned to the UK’s numeracy curriculum – that deeply understood children’s abilities, supported their progress and entertained them through their development.


Our first release gained significant interest and positive feedback from parents and kids. Within a month of release we had been featured on the App Store and saw some really positive engagement and repeat use metrics which validated our initial concept. We’ll continue to develop the idea in the not too distant future.

  • Created our own kid's education brand
  • Designed an developed an entertaining and educational game
  • Launched a successful proof of concept

Featured on the app store and users loved the app.

This was only a small fraction of the experience that we wanted to release. Seeing how the store reacted, we are confident to explore the idea further.

“This is a really lovely game which my kids adore and keeps them occupied for 10 minutes every day. The mechanic is simple but you can see how it’s helping them learn. The different scenes are very cool. Can’t wait for them to add more games!”

A happy bear cub wearing a red hat on a bright purple background.
App Store Review


Researched the competitor landscape to identify opportunities.

Before jumping in, we wanted to understand what the benchmark experiences felt like in order to differentiate ourselves and build on the learnings from our peers.

Spoke with teachers to understand the best ways to teach 3 to 5 year olds to learn.

We knew that designing for kids can be difficult. Speaking with teachers was the sensible place to start to understand and gather any insights that would help us to design our app.

Mapped out the UK Early Learning Guide to work out a curriculum for the education platform.

We started by first understanding the best way to teach kids from three to five. We then worked out a versatile learning journey that could adapt to the learning pace for each individual.

Refined the game interaction to be perfect for kids.

Working closely with teachers and kids we soon realised that our biggest obstacle would be capturing the kids attention. Kids learn through play and role playing. We started by prototyping the interactions and quickly testing and iterating our interactions until we could capture the kids attention.

Launched the first game to test the product market fit.

We knew the best way to test the idea with the market was to make something before we committed to creating the full platform.

A diagram of the early learning journey for kids aged 3 to 5.
Mapping the Early Learning Curriculum helped us create a platform roadmap aligned with how kids learn.


Safe natural brand world that kids would feel safe to learn in.

A brand new world to inspire the imagination.

In order to capture the kids' attention we knew we had to create a playful and safe world that was fun to interact with and would encourage users to explore.

A colourful grid showcasing the diverse characters for the Berry's Adventures brand.
Characters designed for archetypes like the leader, creative, adventurer, maker, technologist and alternative.

Created characters that kids can relate to.

We understood from our research that there are some general archetypes we could relate to. We created characters that we hoped our users would be able to relate to. These characters gave us an opportunity for the platform to be personalised in the future.

Screen shots of the fun and colourful scenes of the characters jumping in puddles, sitting in a pirate ship and bath tub.
Kids learn through play. Our game had to be engaging and then educational.

Learning through play. The app was entertaining first, then educational.

We learnt very early on that the app needed to be fun first and over time the game becomes educational. You can’t force kids to learn, they learn by playing. We included screens that helped parents understand how the app works and benefits it has for their child’s education.

A series of stills from an animation sequence of the Berry's Adventures characters jumping in puddles.
We hired a sound designer and created playful animations to bring the game and characters to life.

We involved all of the senses.

We spent time crafting the animation of the characters to bring them to life. We included delightful animations and sounds at key moments to reward users when they got something right. We chose the playful music very carefully to be fun for the kids and not to annoy their parents.

A screen shot of the mobile app with an overlay for the in-app purchase design.
Our in app purchase was a key metric to measure if parents were willing to commit to our game.

In-app purchases to expand the experience.

A key part for the success of the app was to be able to monetise it. We created in-app purchases where the users could unlock more scenes and more of their favourite characters to test if we could achieve our goal.



  • Ethnographic research
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Landscape audit and benchmarking
  • Insights synthesis and opportunity analysis
  • Experience definition
  • Vision definition & rapid prototyping
  • UX, UI and experience design
  • Product management
  • User testing
  • Design quality assurance
  • Native iOS app development
  • Illustration and animation
  • Icons, typography and art direction


Featured on the app store and users loved the app.

This was only a small fraction of the experience that we wanted to release. Seeing how the store reacted, we are confident to explore the idea further.

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