Axa Investment Managers

Digital Product Design


Asset Management


6 Months

Refining how investors interact with fund information online & offline.

Surfacing important documents and valuable data like fund manager commentary on the dashboard.


AXA IM has a wide range of funds tailored to investor needs. Their fund information experience was difficult for the business to support and for the end investor to navigate. Our challenge was to harmonise the data and deliver a compliant and engaging user experience.


We delivered an entirely new fund data experience that surpassed benchmarks and delighted users. We redefined all touch points from online fund information to the print factsheets. The new design helped to simplify the supporting operational model and harmonise fund data.

  • Intuitive and engaging user experience
  • Focussed on user needs and reduced complexity
  • Enhanced ability to promote strategic funds
  • Harmonised and aligned global compliance requirements

50% increase in fund document downloads

This shows an improvement in fund engagement and suggests that the user found it easier to complete their task.

“Pattrn continually deliver high quality thinking and design from strategy to execution. They deeply understand our business and customers and can easily break down complex problems. They are a true partner and flexible and collaborative in how they work which is highly valued by our teams.”

A profile of the Stephanie Fawcett, the Global Head of Marketing for AXA IM Core.
Stephanie Fawcett – Global Head of Marketing, AXA IM Core
User testing with a prototype helped to us evolve the experience.


Aligned business goals and how to measure them.

We interviewed and aligned senior stakeholders from across the organisation on the vision, challenges, business goals and the user needs. This foundation enabled us to define a measurable strategy that would have a positive impact on the business.

Set up a regular, highly collaborative, multi-disciplinary working group.

We were able to define the experience quickly by collaborating closely with the working group. We used their intimate knowledge of the clients needs, technical challenges and regulatory requirements to validate early concepts and ideas.

Set a vision and worked quickly and iteratively.

Sharing the vision for the end experience as soon as possible was an important step in validating and getting buy-in for the project. It aligned our goals, but most importantly it allowed us to test early.


A screenshot of a user experience design for the fund search experience for AXA Investment Managers.
Smart search quickly surfaced valuable data to the user.

Promoted and exposed valuable data.

Across the experience, based on user insight, we exposed the most important information when it was relevant for the user. In turn we also allowed the business to promote priority products.

A montage of user interface modules for the fund centre redesign for AXA Investment Managers.
Intuitive design system made it easy to scale the platform.

Intuitive, versatile and responsive design system.

We designed a robust system of modules and templates that would enable the business to cater for specific market requirements and for users to access the site on any device.

A screenshot of the redesign of the digital fund experience and the fact sheets for AXA Investment Managers.
Our holistic approach ensured the designs were consistent across all brand touch points.

Design continuity from digital to print.

Printed PDF fact sheets are still a key resource for investors. We redesigned the fund information experience to be consistent across the online and offline touch points.



  • Product management consulting & strategy
  • Programme management & stakeholder alignment
  • Landscape audit and benchmarking
  • Persona development
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Vision definition
  • Objectives & KPI frameworks
  • Roadmap definition, prioritisation & feasibility
  • Experience definition & rapid prototyping
  • Board, management & stakeholder presentations
  • Developing in-house CX capabilities


50% Increase in fund document downloads.

This shows an improvement in fund engagement and suggests that the user found it easier to complete their task.

190% Increase in session duration on key funds.

Users are spending more time exploring the fund information demonstrating higher levels of interest.

50% Decrease in bounce rate.

Meaning a higher number of users are engaging with fund information and more return on investment for the business.

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