hello, we are Pattrn.

we’re a design studio. we help fast-moving companies make innovative digital products, services and software by deeply understanding how people behave.

logo of pattrn design studios

what we do

Pattrn designs interfaces between people and technology. this could be web interfaces, applications, software or services.

they could help you review last months spending, analyse real-time business data, find the quickest way across town or track your health.

we study behaviour, identify needs, and solve them through a systematic design approach.

our approach

we’re passionate about human-centered design and lean product development. our systematic approach allows us to learn the most from as little as possible.

we adapt to support the needs of our projects and clients, and will support your team’s capabilities by bringing the best of lean and agile methodology.

diagram of pattrn studios approach for business context

understand the business goals

take an in-depth look at the business, market, products and customers.

diagram of pattrn studios approach for customer insight

understand what people need

build a holistic understanding of the customer’s needs, motivations, behaviours and environment.

diagram of pattrn studios approach for product ideation

sketch solutions & prioritise

apply the insights to rapidly validate and prioritise features to form the backlog.

diagram of pattrn studio approach for make test evaluate

craft the user experience

release the product to learn as quickly as possible. Measure data to improve and scale the product.

at the core of our process are the Pattrn design principles. they guide our work and our behaviour and help us build valuable products and services.

our services

we can support existing products as well as building entirely new platforms. we can provide end-to-end product development or we can integrate seamlessly with your existing capability.

product discovery workshops

product strategy & definition

customer insight & research

ideating products, services & features

business case & funding preparation

rapid prototype development

design systems & style-guides

MVP & iterative product development

agile product development

metric analysis & optimisation

how can we help you?

we believe in building better products and services for everyone and we love a new design challenge.

say hello:

+44 (0) 203 488 2400.

Pattrn culture

great design comes from happy, inspired people. at Pattrn, our cultural values are our commitment to a positive studio that grows and supports the very best design talent for the future.

Pattrn’s founders Alastair Bowers & Chris Lewis are hands-on in the day-to-day running of the studio. their combined 25 years design experience shapes the foundation for the studio’s craft and learning environment.

we are looking for passionate, talented and aspiring designers, technologists and product managers.

please share your details with us at careers@pattrnstudios.com.